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About us

Raksha Corporate Services was found and formed by Rakesh Naidu T D in the year of 2006.

       The registered and corporate office is situated in the heart of Bangalore city, which is today regarded as the financial and commercial trade capital of India having branches of international banks rendering excellent services. The city of Bangalore boasts of good transport, telecommunication, postal and courier services which provide easy access worldwide. Frequent scheduled flights to all major cities in the world are available in Bangalore.

The organization has spread their presence in all the five zone in Bangalore having their corporate and registered offices.

       Our staff consists of skilled, highly experienced professionals who use exclusive training material and strategies of Raksha, additional to that our own proprietary data repository and search processes, plus expert phone enquiry, powerful approach results in our ability to consistently generate and meet and exceed each clients’ needs and expectations.

       We Raksha Corporate Services has built enduring relationship with our clients. The organization has prearranged the source to framework of the Risk Management process into three major levels.

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Document Verification and Process

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Past Experience

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Digital Ocean

I was a lead developer in Digital Ocean from 2015-2019


I was a lead developer and senior consultant in Uber from 2015-2019


I served as support assistant in Telegram from 2013-2017

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