The Best LGBTQ+ Reality Dating Shows To Watch

Influencers have become a go-to casting pool; they often go on to parlay their TV fame into sponcon deals for products like laxative “detox” teas. Reality producer Mike Darnell once acknowledged that the average reality contestant is around a size 2. Derek is in my rear view mirror now, and so is the idea that I need to change my body. Nowadays I still live in San Francisco with two Netherland Dwarf bunnies and my boyfriend of two years, Andrew. Every time I call him, he picks up the phone with a “Hey, good lookin’! ” I knew Andrew was different when I noticed he never, ever spoke about other people’s bodies.

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After a pause, I gathered up my courage and asked him if we could go out next time we saw each other, maybe get coffee. After all, we didn’t just have great sexual chemistry — we had long, rollicking conversations and had talked about how much we enjoyed each other’s company. Looking for a critically acclaimed reality TV show unlike anything else on Discovery+? Look no further thanDeadliest Catch.The show that follows Alaskan crab fishers has been around for years, making it a staple of the unscripted genre.

Couples will date and forge connections in furnished pods from opposite sides of a wall. For now Thore is laying down the groundwork on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The series doesn’t shy away from love, sex, or dating—Thore’s “will she or won’t she?” relationship with her friend Buddy Bell was a major hook last season. Interspersed with this are narratives about her career, family life, and friendships. (In an Instagram post last year, Thore explained that the hormonal disorder has contributed to, but is not the sole cause of, her weight gain.) In short, she is given the same treatment as any Real Housewife or Hills cast member.

These guys are often in their twenties and really like the fact that I am an older woman. Perhaps that would allow them to check off two boxes at once. During the course of this year, I have had a lot of sex with a lot of different partners. Everyone involved has been a consenting adult, communication about expectations and boundaries was clear, and safeguarding my sexual health is always at the forefront of my mind.

The goal while living in the house is to find this “perfect match”. If all 10 couples are able to do this, the group shares one million dollars. The eighth season of the show actually involved LGBTQ+ couples, meaning anyone in the house of 16 could be anyone’s match. Given the prevalence of porn and the popularity of OnlyFans, it’s perhaps unsurprising that 47% of men say they’d be content in a relationship with little to no sex. They listed friends and family, exercise and making money as more important than getting hot and heavy. Chubby Bunnie is a BBW dating website that specializes in helping plus-size singles find potential matches.


For all of us independent news organizations, it’s no exception. We were lying in bed one night after some of the best sex of either of our lives and I asked him what it was that had attracted him to me in the first place. I knew I wasn’t the type he always went for, so I was curious. He just looked at me and shrugged and smiled and said “confidence is sexy.” Those words were a touchstone for me. One such friend tells me that he long ago stopped approaching women he was attracted to in bars.

I found Heavy to be a positive, and realistic portrayal of how to become healthy. That’s funny, I thought Roseanne was a comedy about the realities of middle class family life. I don’t remember an episode arc focused on Roseanne’s struggle to fit into skinny jeans or Dan’s tireless quest for a six-pack (unless it was, of course, an actual six-pack of beer). However, there’s a catch — if contestants kiss or have sexual encounters of any kind, money is deducted from the grand prize. For the rest of “Too Hot to Handle,” as they’re monitored by a cone-shaped personal assistant/watchdog called “Lana,” they attempt to form connections . The contestants live together, compete in musical challenges , and go on music-themed dates, all in the hopes of finding a new duet partner.

Boundaries, self-acceptance and feeling safe in my body

We don’t need The Fatchelor; we need even just one dating show that treats size like the non-issue it is. We need even just one project that acknowledges that fat people are hot, go on dates, and have sex. (And not awkward, timid sex, either.) Instead of folding a plus-sized model or two into The Bachelor as competitors, we need to see a diverse cast vying for their affection. Until we do, the only thing these “social experiments” prove is how much a large swath of this country hates itself.

Fat people can be jokesters or book worms or best friends. But there aren’t a ton of models when it comes to fat people finding love in mainstream media. Some romance films have plus-size leads, like Real Women Have Curves, Just Wright, Hairspray, and Isn’t It Romantic?

The purpose of this is to test the strength of their current relationship in an environment where “temptation” is everywhere. Some couples make it through and leave together the way they came in, while others leave dating other people. In this ABC series that ran for two seasons in 2009 and 2010, three men and three women lived in separate parts of a house, and could only interact with the opposite sex while in the dark. At the end of each ep, they could choose to meet on the balcony and try out a relationship, or they could leave through the front door alone. If you’re interested in a guy who has a few extra pounds or is not one of those “traditionally attractive people”, who cares?

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The cast included trans people, non-binary people and cis people who identify as bisexual or pansexual. Binge-watching is one of my favorite pastimes, and dating shows are no exception. Romance reality TV is one of the most popular genres of television.

Just like other “Bachelor” shows, contestants give out roses to the people they’re interested in. Once a couple becomes engaged, they have four weeks to get to know each other in the outside world before their wedding to see whether their “long-distance” connection will translate into an up close and personal one. “The Bachelor,” ABC’s reality dating phenomenon, has been airing continuously since 2002. In the Japanese dating show “Terrace House,” six strangers live together unscripted in a house, hanging out and sometimes dating.